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we are FCJ SÃO PAULO / bridge braZIL


We build initiatives that bring agility and results to your company by providing expertise in Marketing, Sales, Accounting and Legal. Our goal is to solve the pain of entrepreneurs and reduce risks and costs of their operations.


FCJ São Paulo/Bridge Brazil exists to make Startups´ day-to-day  more Agile and generate new opportunities for growth in regards to a specific pain in the market.


We provide Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Finance and Infrastructure solutions to early stage startups. Our participation decreases as the company reaches a higher level of maturity and has its own management team capable of carrying out their entire operations (scale up).


We offer a model that has proven to be successful due to the value it adds to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We don´t only mentor but also operate and act upon with the goal of taking businesses to the next level: when they are able to shape the future of society.


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Corporate Venture

Transformando ideias e projetos em negócios

Corporação que investe em startups para fomentar a inovação aberta (open innovation) da própria empresa. Logo, o investimento não tem apenas como objetivo o retorno financeiro, mas também estratégico, a fim de gerar inovações para o negócio da empresa investidora. Quando esse novo negócio ganha porte suficiente, ele se torna uma nova empresa e ganha uma estrutura maior para seguir de forma independente, mas ainda dentro do mesmo grupo empresarial.